Care guide

Self care guide for your ATP Atelier leather items

We feel like there is so much pressure to reinvent oneself with every season. This is unfortunate, since ATP Atelier products are meant to be worn for many years. So obviously, we’re aiming to change this. This care guide is our first step!

Keep your items clean

The easiest way to keep your items feeling like their best self, is to simply keep them clean. This will also make them last longer. Brush the leather with a damp cloth (not soaked) from time to time. They're dirtier than you think, promise! 

Vegetable tanned vacchetta & metal-free nappa

The most common mistake people make when taking care of their leather items is they use too much fat, to the point where the material can’t absorb it and is damaged instead. If your shoes or bag feels dry or dull, start small, you need less grease than you probably think! Apply a small amount of cream on a cotton cloth and work it in to the leather in circular motions, 2 – 3 cm at a time, until the cream is fully absorbed. If your leather sole is starting to wear out – apply some there too. And for bags, avoid using colored leather cream on bags, as there is a risk excess cream discoloring your clothing.

Slightly moisten the cloth with water and polish the shoe. Let dry and then apply wax for extra shine and to strengthen the impregnation. Clean your leather goods often and she will last longer. Just let her know you love her, basically.


Comb with a suede brush in a single direction and then spray with a suede protector, preferably one that is eco-friendly and isn’t out to kill our planet. Comb in the opposite direction and spray again. Repeat. You know the drill by now. To avoid spots, use a suede eraser as instructed on its packaging.

Leather soles

Most ATP Atelier footwear has untreated leather soles. If you, like us, live in a climate that more often than not is wet due to rain or snow, you might want to protect the bottom of the shoe with a 1-2 mm rubber sole. Support your local shoe repair guy!

Avoid water

Most of our products are in a vegetable tanned vacchetta, which is a material very sensitive to water. A damp cloth is totally okay, but never running water. If you are caught in a thunderstorm and your bag or boot is drenched, let it dry for a couple of days preferably with a shoe block or a bunch of paper inside. Without that, it runs the risk of  losing its original shape.

We encourage you to switch between different shoes from day to day. They need a little rest every week. We’re sure you can relate. And if you want the shoes to maintain their shape and contour, use a shoe block whenever you’re not using them.

If your bag gets wet, you follow the same steps. Exposure to water will create spots. However, the patina created by daily wear and tear will fade and change over time.

Salt stains

While salt stains not only look unpleasant they can also cause damage to your shoes. Salt stains can be reduced or removed completely by mixing water together with a few drops of lemon or special agent and applying with a cloth or sponge. After shoes have dried, treat with shoe polish or spray.

Dust bags and blocks

Whenever you are not using your ATP Atelier bag, keep it in its dust bag. This prevents you or other items from accidentally scratching it. Depending on the color, the leather can also be sensitive to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.

Also, use shoe blocks if you are looking to wear your shoes for many seasons. This might sound silly, but make sure to always zip all zippers (if your shoes has them ofc) all the way up and down. If you don’t, it puts a lot of strain on the zipper which might cause it to break or get stuck.

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