We have a very close and long standing relationship with our suppliers in Tuscany. We work with what Italians call laboratori, small factories with up to 20 employees. We want to protect the Italian artisanal tradition of hand made leather goods, that has been handed down for generations, to not promote mass production. This is not only socially sustainable but also allows us to have shorter lead times compared to industry standards.


Our shoe supplier Gianfranco Manzi's father started his business in the 50’s. Today he and his son Filippo work together creating every single ATP Atelier shoe. Our bag supplier, Gianfranco Sisti, also runs a family business in the same region. And yes, his name is also Gianfranco.

Since all our suppliers are located in Italy, and we only work with hides from within the EU, there's a good traceability and transparency of the raw materials. The tanneries we employ reclaim hides from the food industry, so the leather used to make ATP Atelier items are a bi-product and prevent waste to a very large degree.


The people behind our product make out the heart of our company. Most of them have worked with Italian leather goods all of their lives and all of them are experts in their profession. They invest an immense amount of time and love into every single step of the process. Since all ATP Atelier items are made by hand it means that no shoe or bag will ever by identical and always have a (very) slight personal touch.