fall 2023 campaign

Twin sisters Cecilie and Amalie Moosgaard, Danish supermodels, are the faces of our Fall 2023 campaign celebrating sisterhood. Sisterhood is the underlying force behind feminism and it unites women who don’t even know each other. With our Fall 2023 campaign we're looking to capture the sister bond (both blood or chosen) as the most empowering and beautiful but also the most demanding and complex out of all of life’s relationships.

"A sister is both your mirror and your opposite”

The concept of the campaign is based on the quote by Elizabeth Fishel⁣ that reads “A sister is both your mirror and your opposite”. Being a brand co-founded, developed and run by women, the topic of sisterhood is something that resonates with ATP Atelier at its core.

Amalie and Cecilie

The Moosgaard twins debuted exclusively as “the Prada twins” in 2015, deemed the most coveted job in modeling at that time. Amalie and Cecilie were discovered in Aarhus, Denmark and with their impressive CV they have become Scnadinavia’s supermodels and great friends of ATP Atelier.