Size Guide

35 5 2 22 22.1 cm 8.7 in
36 6 3 23 22.9 cm 9 in
37 7 4 24 23.8 cm 9.4 in
38 8 5 25 24.3 cm 9.6 in
39 9 6 26 25.1 cm 9.9 in
40 10 7 27 25.4 cm 10 in
41 11 8 28 26.3 cm 10.4 in
42 12 9 29 26.7 cm 10.5 in
 The length indicated in the table is not exact but an average measurement. The fit might differ between styles, for example a pointy toe will be less roomy, visit the product page for specific size recommendations for each style.

Depending on if your foot is on the wider or slimmer side, you may have to size up or down from your regular size, please see style specific recommendation on the product page.

Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any additional questions regarding sizing and fit of a particular style.


What you need: A piece of paper larger than your foot, a pencil and a measuring tape.
How to do it: Place the paper on the floor in front of you and put one foot on the paper standing up. Use the pencil to trace all the way around your foot. Try to keep the pencil upright. Then use the tape measure to find the length of your foot at its longest point. Pro tip! Do this for both your feet, they usually differ in size!